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Renegade Mission Statement

Mission: To bring veterans of all branches together for comradery and brotherhood that only veterans know. Our goal is to make military reunions more an expectation rather than the exception. Reunions are hard to organize and fund, The Foundation wants to change that. Veteran's don't need a handout, but rather we like to think they need each other. That bond is hard to break and bringing them together makes them stronger.

Goal: The Foundation wishes to raise funds needed to purchase or build a home where 15-20 veterans of all ages can gather for a reunion. We want this home to be built on 15 or more acres with outdoor activities, up to including fishing, horseshoes, and volleyball. I don't care who you are; it is always fun to compete and talk smack. We want a big kitchen for everyone to congregate in the morning and a big bar-b-que grill for dinner. Finally, we want this to be at no cost to our veterans. We want to raise operating funds to pay utilities and operating expenses for the property. Our MISSION: No cost to our veteran's and our goal is about bringing veterans together because we are not interested in profit.

Secondary Goal: The Foundation realizes that not all veterans need a hand out, they work hard and don't need people to walk on eggshells around them; but we want this place to be for them as well. If a reunion is not planned, and the house is available, we want it occupied. They can toss some food in the car and bring their family to a place they can call a home away from home. We want them to put their feet up and spend some stress-free time with the people they love.

Third Goal: The Foundation will place a humble home on the property where a homeless veteran can live and help provide stability to the grounds and continuity to the experience. We will screen and select the veteran looking to make the best from this opportunity may afford them.

Our story: The Renegade Foundation started with 1st Platoon, 10th MP Co., and our desire to bring together veterans from all branches together for reunions. After all of us spending time together during two tours of Somalia and one Haiti deployment our group grew larger and strong relationships developed through those experiences. 20 years have passed since those deployments, and we still give each other a hard time and would do anything for each other. When we are all together, we feel like an 18-year old again. Aftwerwards, we feel great and when we walk away we cannot wait until our next reunion.

Because of that feeling of friendship we wanted others to feel as good as we do. At first, we wanted to know what we could do to get the rest of our group out more frequently. You see, we have nearly 50 in our original group. However, maybe 15-20 of us can get together consistently, the cost is a real burden for everyone, each trip can cost between $800-$1,000. We can lower that and bring more people together if we can get a place for guys to go. Half the price typically goes towards renting a place. If we can build something, and we are picturing someplace in the middle of the country, then everyone is flying more than halfway across the country and stay at a place for free. We want a place in the woods were neighbors don't hear everyone having fun or being themselves. We cut the cost to $300-$500 still pricey but more reasonable.

Renegade Foundation, No More 22

Additionally, The Foundation wishes to tackle the epidemic of 22 veterans a day committing suicide. We can't say that reunions will impact this in any scientific way. However, based on our experience we can't imagine any therapy better than seeing your brothers and sisters on a regular basis. We all feel better, as one of my brother's said: "I love these times, it's when I get to be myself." We are a unique group and I think that it is a shame that military reunions are not common and expected.

100% of donations that go toward the goal. We have no cost overhead, and we are 100% veteran run with donated time.

That's why we are doing this, and I couldn't be more proud of the support we are getting

To learn more about our The Renegade Foundation and the individuals in it, might I suggest "Time Well Wasted." The book is a great read and a way to learn about some of our group exploits while in Somalia.

Check out our other links, you will find many other worthy causes. Should you have any suggestions on how The Renegade Foundation can make this better or if you have any concerns about any comment or link to this site, please let us know. We thank you for your support.

The Foundation is 100% volunteer, and that is why 100% of your donation will go towards the mission.

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The Renegades

1st Platoon, 10th Military Police Company, 10th Mountain Division, Fort Drum, NY.

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